Recruitment of IT developers from the CIS region with relocation

Hiring of IT developers for your company (developers, team leads, CTO, CIO, product and project managers)

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How we hire IT developers for your company

Usually strong IT developers already have a few job offers or they don't consider new company for new employment.
Right now the job market in IT sphere belongs to candidates.

Our main task is not only to find proper candidates, but also to connect them with your company and make them want to work for you.
We know where your future employees work right now.
We have own database of IT developers. We can deliver first strong candidates in couple of days - it's a real.
We know how to make your new employee work for you for a long time.
You always pay only for those candidates that you really like and you are ready to make a job offer.


Our results what we are proud of

Sourcing of highly specialized employees

Case: English speaking company, remote team with more than 150 workers. Security Audit Specialist required for searching vulnerabilities and weak spots for developed IT solution.

Solution: Using only job posting sites doesn't help in sourcing. The best decision would be posting in social networks, connecting directly with potential candidates.

Result: Professional connections led to refferal specialist with three years of audit experience for similar IT solutions.

Hiring of worldwide international team

Case: An international consulting company, 24 languages, 15 countries, no days off policy, employees need to sign NDA for $1million, salary is paid only in cryptocurrency. The task is - to create a strong team.

Solution: Keeping silence about these factors is useless, therefore, the presentation part of the company is crucially important. Weaknesses had to be presented as strengths.

Result: 200 employees were hired, the necessary documents were signed.

Vacancies with the high staff turnover

Point: The company aggregator on the taxi market (UBER), high staff turnover, fatigued mentors. The task was to find sales specialists who would look for new drivers.

Solution: The system of hiring was reconstructed, we put the emphasis on the game mechanics to estimate how people behave in the team.

Result: Decrease in staff turnover by 20%, increase in efficiency in KPI for 35%.

IT developers

We specialize in recruiting IT developers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.



Full Stack

Team Lead

iOS Developers

Android Developers

Solidity Developers

CTO (Project Manager)

Other services

We can recruit other professionals

We know the local recruitment market in the CIS region and we have our candidates database. It allows us to hire new specialists in several days. We provide a background check for key positions.

Top Managers

CEO, COO, CMO, Project Managers, etc.

Sales Representatives

B2B, B2C, call-center.

Marketing and PR Specialists

Online and offline.

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